Virtual Private Network for Multiple Platforms – Part 2

In the previous part, we already finished setting up Server node and Deep learning node, now it’s time to setup Mobile node (to control other servers securely).

Current VPN setup:

  1. Server node (servernode, it has public IP address, and VNP IP will be – done in part 1
  2. Deep Learning node (odroidnode, VNP IP address will be – done in part 1
  3. Mobile node – we will do in this post (androidnode, VPN IP address will be –


Step 1: Download Tinc VPN app

Install app Tinc VPN from PlayStore.

(GPL v3, source code:

Install Total Commander app for easy file browsing and config editing.

Step 2: Config Tinc VPN

Open tinc VPN app, now there is no network configuration:


Tap the gear icon to change to settings, now, tap Generate node configuration and keys


Based on the config we used in the part 1, we set below info:


Now apps generate private/public keys and configuration in

You can use your favourite text editor  to browse and edit config.

Here is config of our network following part 1.

Edit network.conf

Edit tinc.conf

In hosts folder, edit config of 2 nodes

Edit androidnode

Add the Subnet info of Android to androidnode

And then copy the servernode to hosts folder (see part 1).

Now back to the main list, tap on our network facebit_vpn, you can start it and see below info:

Now you can use any Terminal app to ping or to test.


Appendix: network.conf parameter