[iOS] Three wise monkeys emoji for UITextField password revealing

Users need something easy to use, and fun too, for example, the UITextField, for password section, recently we see it has reveal button (eye icon, or show) to see raw password. With this button, user doesn’t have to type password again for confirmation. For example, Facebook did with text SHOW and HIDE:


How about creating the button using the rightView property of UITextField, to show raw password in a funny way?

We will use monkey see no evil emoji, in three wise monkeys, monkey-say-no-evil looks good for showing password, and monkey-see-no-evil is good for secure case. All you need is to create new UITextField category which support emoji reveal button.

And implementation: UITextField+PasswordField.m

Now the result:

Password is revealed. Monkey say no evil!

And password is hidden, monkey see no evil!

Happy coding!