Generating a Dart client for an App Engine Cloud Endpoints API

This article will show you how to generate a Dart client library for Google App Engine Cloud Endpoints. First we need to download root API discovery document : Now we have apis.json, create a folder name discovery and put apis.json in. Second, we will install This will create a new Dart package with generated

Async Calls in Flutter

Synchronous/asynchronous generator in function await for wait till command finished async* (async each) for a stream whenever there is an update in stream yield* (yield each) for returning an update from a stream import ‘dart:async’;import ‘dart:io’;main() { listenCountDown();}listenCountDown() async { await for (var tick in countUp()) { print(“countDown $tick”); }}Stream<int> countDown() async* { var i

[C++] What is Mixins?

When you have bunch of ideas and concepts need to be modelled in your project, normally you go with inheritance, define common interface classes, but sometimes, they are not related at all or they are orthogonal for the most part. The idea with mix-ins is to provide a bunch of primitive classes, where each of them